After Dark Candle

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Our best selling fragrance.

Inspired by our #OMNoireAfterDark series, this sexy scent will have you in the mood for intimacy with your special someone (or even yourself). After a long day, draw a nice bubble bath, cue up some soft music, light your candle and get ready for a night of pleasure.

This candle burns beautifully in the bedroom.

Affirmation: Rest, intimacy, pleasure and self-love are abundant in my life


Our candles are handcrafted with plant-based, vegan wax and perfume-grade, phthalate-free fragrance oils. 


TOP: Pine, Citrus

MIDDLE: Violet, Lavender, Jasmine

BASE: Sandalwood, Musk 


Type: 2-wick candle

Volume: 16 oz.

Diameter: 3.75

Height: 4.1

Burn Time: 90+ hours

See candle care page on how to extend the life of your candle.



Customer Reviews

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I love this After Dark candle!

The scent's name is so appropriate because I literally burn this candle after dark! The smell is "warm," if that makes sense, and clean, not to forget I could smell the candle even before I opened the box it was packaged in. The candle also burns slowly and evenly; I've lit it at least three times and it doesn't seem like a lot of wax has melted. Additionally, I loved the packaging. It came with a black bow, a thank-you card and a fillable affirmation card.

Love After Dark!

The After Dark candle smells like a well-endowed man with generational wealth, mutual funds, great credit and obsessed with me! 🙌🏽

Naomie Bonnet
Loved this Experience

Everything about this candle and purchase was amazing! The candle is long lasting and has a beautiful aroma that fills any room!